Back pain in Beverly Hills

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Dr. Sang Kim of SK Spine is an expert at treating back pain in Beverly Hills. He is a highly educated and seasoned board certified orthopedic spine surgeon who has trained with the most recognized spinal deformity and cervical spine surgeons in the world. He is known to provide compassionate care and has a unique ability to explain the patient’s conditions in simple language. His surgical skill in minimally invasive surgical techniques is recognized by his peers in the spine community. He makes a very conscientious effort to put the patient’s best interest as his number one priority. He is intimately involved in all aspect of his patients care and ensures that every patient gets his full attention for the management of their spinal condition. He is skilled in diagnosing and treating the causes of your back pain.

Back pain is a leading cause to visit your doctor or miss work. For back pain in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kim considers surgery to be a last resort. Back and neck pain is often attributed to a soft tissue injury to the spine. There are numerous small joints in the back that can be aggravated resulting in back pain, such as nerve root irritation, disc herniations, bone spurs, or scar formation, which may put pressure on the spinal nerves. Most back conditions involve a combination of structures. Thus, it is important to identify and treat the various causes of your symptoms. For minor soreness, heat is a simple beneficial treatment. Heat increases the blood flow to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. The increase of blood flow can decrease muscle spasms and pain. Consider use of a heating pad, whirlpool, hot shower, bath, steam room or sauna to alleviate pain and to promote healing. Other non-invasive treatment options are anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, and pain killers if the pain is acute. Long term use of these medications is not recommended.

Another short-term but effective treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapy helps decrease muscle and ligament pain and strengthens back muscles. Another medical option for back pain in Beverly Hills is an epidural injection. The amount of relief depends on what type of spinal condition is present. The injections consist of a combination of steroids, short and long-term anesthetics, and are utilized in an attempt to decrease pain in the hope of trying to avoid an operation. The most obvious way to treat back pain is to prevent an injury from occurring by exercising regularly and maintaining a desirable weight and healthy life-style. For further back care strategies, or to make an appointment to see Dr. Kim for any orthopedic condition, give us a call today.

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