Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon

Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon

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Laminoplasty in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon
Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon

When you have been suffering from back pain, you want to find a Beverly Hills spine surgeon who can diagnose and treat this discomfort effectively. Dr. Sang Kim is that doctor. He is a highly educated and experienced board certified orthopedic spine surgeon who has trained with the most recognized spinal deformity and cervical spine surgeons in the world. He is known to provide compassionate care and has a unique ability to explain the patient’s conditions in simple language. His surgical skills in minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as major deformity spinal surgeries is recognized by his peers in the spine community. He makes a very conscientious effort to put the patient’s best interest as his number one priority. He is intimately involved in all aspect of his patients care and ensures that every patient gets his full attention for the management of their spinal condition. For exceptional spinal treatment, SK Spine is your best choice.

After a thorough physical examination has been performed and the appropriate imaging is reviewed, this leading Beverly Hills spine surgeon will detail his findings with you. He may suggest laminoplasty to relieve pressure on your spinal nerves. A laminectomy is a type of decompression surgery that relieves pressure on the spinal cord and exiting nerves by enlarging the spinal canal. Lamina along with the spinous process are located in the back portion of each vertebra. During this procedure the lamina is removed along with a portion of the enlarged facet joints and thickened ligaments overlying the spinal cord and nerves. When the spinal canal narrows due to deterioration of the spinal column, pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots develop. This narrowing of the spinal canal is known as spinal stenosis and this condition can give rise to symptoms of pain and other neurological dysfunction.

This spine surgeon in Beverly Hills may recommend a laminoplasty when conservative therapy has failed to provide relief, when symptoms interfere with daily life, or if the spinal cord is at risk of permanent injury. The goal of the procedure is to relieve pressure on the nerve roots and the spinal cord, as well as to help the surgeon gain better access for treating other spinal damage, such as a herniated disc or bone spurs. To find out if a laminoplasty is right for you, make an appointment with Dr. Kim today.

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