Spinal treatment in 90048

Spinal Treatment in 90048

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Relieving spinal pressure in 90048

Spinal treatment in 90048
Spinal treatment in 90048

When you sustain a spinal injury, you want to find a Los Angeles spine surgeon who can address this condition quickly and effectively. Dr. Sang Kim is that doctor. He is a highly educated and experienced board certified orthopedic spine surgeon who has trained with the most recognized spinal deformity and cervical spine surgeons in the world. He is known to provide compassionate care and has a unique ability to explain the patient’s conditions in simple language. His surgical skills in minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as major deformity spinal surgeries is recognized by his peers in the spine community. He makes a very conscientious effort to put the patient’s best interest as his number one priority. He is intimately involved in all aspect of his patients care and ensures that every patient gets his full attention for the management of their spinal condition. For exceptional spinal treatment in 90048, SK Spine is your best choice.

Normally, the spinal cord is protected by the spine, but certain injuries and disorders may put pressure (compress) on the spinal cord leading to pain and a disruption of its normal function. These injuries and disorders may also compress the roots of spinal nerves, which pass through the spaces between the back bones (vertebrae), or the bundle of nerves that extend downward from the spinal cord. compression can happen suddenly, causing symptoms in minutes or over a few hours or days, or slowly and gradually, causing symptoms that worsen over many weeks or months. The spinal cord may be compressed by bone, blood (hematomas), pus (abscesses), tumors (cancerous or not), or a ruptured or herniated disc. To assess the cause and severity of the spinal pressure, the spinal treatment in 90048 includes a detailed physical examination and an MRI or other imaging tests.

The spinal treatment in 90048 depends upon the cause of the spinal pressure. Corticosteroids are often given to reduce swelling in or around the spinal cord and thus help reduce pressure on the spinal cord. Depending on the cause, surgery and/or radiation therapy may be used to relieve the pressure. If loss of function is partial or very recent (usually when compression occurs suddenly), the compression must be relieved immediately. When compression is detected and treated quickly, before nerve pathways are destroyed, treatment can prevent permanent damage to the spinal cord, and function is usually completely recovered. Surgery is typically needed to relieve compression. At SK Spine, we are dedicated to providing fast and effective relief from your spinal injuries. Give us a call today and take that first step towards a pain-free life.

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