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Spine Doctor in Beverly Hills

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Microdiscectomy in Beverly Hills

Spine doctor in Beverly Hills
Spine doctor in Beverly Hills

When you are in pain because of a herniated disc, you want to find a spine doctor in Beverly Hills who can address this condition effectively. Dr. Sang Do Kim is that doctor. He is a highly educated and experienced board certified orthopedic spine surgeon who has trained with the most recognized spinal deformity and cervical spine surgeons in the world. He is known to provide compassionate care and has a unique ability to explain the patient’s conditions in simple language. His surgical skills in minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as major deformity spinal surgeries is recognized by his peers in the spine community. He makes a very conscientious effort to put the patient’s best interest as his number one priority. He is intimately involved in all aspect of his patients care and ensures that every patient gets his full attention for the management of their spinal condition. For exceptional spinal care, SK Spine is your best choice.

After conservative treatments to alleviate the symptoms of a herniated disc have failed, the spine doctor in Beverly Hills may recommend a surgical procedure known as a discectomy. When a disc becomes herniated, a portion of the disc is dislocated and may impinge upon the adjacent nerve roots or the spinal cord. This can cause pain, numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness to develop. Depending upon the location of the damage disc, symptoms can affect the neck or back and may radiate down the arms or legs. A microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive type of discectomy that uses special microscopic magnification to provide the orthopedic surgeon with an illuminated and magnified view of the affected area of the spine. With this enlarged view, the surgeon can perform the procedure using smaller incisions and instruments. Since a microdiscectomy procedure is minimally invasive, less damage to the surrounding tissues occurs. This facilitates quicker healing and recovery.

The gifted spine doctor in Beverly Hills may perform a microdiscectomy in the presence of back or extremity pain, weakness, and/or numbness that limits daily activities and has not responded to a course of non-surgical conservative therapy, problems with walking and performing essential tasks, or impaired bowel and/or bladder function. During a microdiscectomy, Dr. Kim will remove the fragment of the spinal disc that is causing pressure on the nerve. The goal in removing the impinging part of the herniated disc is to provide relief from the symptoms that have developed as well as to facilitate a restoration of function. In some situations additional procedures may be performed to further relieve pressure and to provide stability. Call today to see if a microdiscectomy is right for you.

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